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Scuba dive accessories, knives and smalls


Scubapro X-cut tech knife

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This multi-function knife is made from alpha (hardened) titanium. Its 6.3cm specially designed SCUBAPRO shaped blade maintains a highly-durable cutting edge for lightweight, long life and corrosion free performance.

Scubapro Tank Handle

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The easier way to carry your dive tank! Attach it around the tank valve, then swing the handle up when lifting your tank. The locking cam-action mechanism keeps the handle up and in the desired position. The contoured handle then swings down when not in

Scubapro Octopus Clip

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Keeps your octo accessible and in view at all times. Clips to your BCD and holds your alternate air source in a ready position. Whilst in the ready position, an internal plug blocks the mouthpiece opening to keep it free from sand and dirt.

Scubapro Marker Bouy Pouch

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Pouch to accommodate surface markers. Fits on all X-TEK HS-wings and is easy to reach and comfortable to use in every position. Size adjusts with bungee cord.

Scubapro Magnetic Quick Clip

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This is so much more than just an octo clip! The super strong Rare Earth Magnets make attaching and releasing octos, gauges, inflators, torches, marker buoys and pretty much anything else you can think of a snap! The clip self-engages with the two halves

Scubapro Comfort Mouthpiece

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A great addition to any second stage. HF indicates the High Flow offered by the larger bore connection tube, while the longer bite area allows the diver to hold the regulator securely with minimal effort and no jaw fatigue.

Scubapro BC accessory kit

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The ultimate BC accessory kit for more convenient, compact and safer diving. Includes the powerful LED Nova 200 Light, 304 marine grade BC-mountable stainless White Tip Knife and an exclusive retractor to secure your gear.

H2O Weight retainer

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Serrated plastic weight retainers that slide onto webbing on a weight belt to ensure block weights do not move around while diving.

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